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At Sparrow Food Solution, we are the biggest restaurant catering food suppliers store serving the food service professionals as well as individual customers all over the world. With many available products & more than 5.5 million of orders already shipped, we have got everything that your business wants to function at the best. Over the years we’ve expanded our range of wholesale supplies as well as commercial equipment that will include the educational, healthcare, or hotel supplies.

Our main focus is convenience – and order on the internet from your desktop, laptop, and smartphone 24hours a day, 7days a week. We offer fast shipping, lower rates, as well as amazing customer service make our wholesale catering supplies the best option to meet your professional & food service supply requirements.

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With years of experience in the field, our Wholesale Food Catering division comprises of the large and the extensive ranges of the food products that offer to serve across the world. We ensure that all food products that are delivered to the food products supplied are of the best quality and end-user is highly delighted. We are the complete Food Solutions Company that believes in serving all the food product requirements in the best way possible. The restaurant consumables are foods that are used for making all menu items ready in the commercial kitchen. Such foods are the foundation of any of the foodservice business, and it is very important to keep of frozen, fresh, as well as dry goods. You will find all the ingredients that you want in our range of catering food supplies wholesale items, which include dairy, meats, veggies, and fruits, cooking oils and spices.

We know that the busy kitchens generally rely on the prepared foods for cutting down on the prep time as well as get the orders out quickly, particularly during the lunch and breakfast. Bulk eggs, butter, and cheese help you to prepare the popular breakfast foods items for large crowds at the diner, school cafeteria or hospital dining room. Our appetizers are quite economical, and popular with the customers, and will get prepared in flash. The pre-made salads, soups, as well as sauces are the most helpful addition, which helps you fill in the menu with simple-to-prepare food items. Also, your menu is quite diverse and filled with many choices, thus you require access to fresh foods, which make your dishes to stand out. We have our fresh sauces, bread, desserts, as well as refrigerated meats that are delivered quickly so that you will prepare for the weekend rush. The staples are important, thus keep your stock shelves always filled with the right ingredients like the canned foods, baking supplies, bulk spices, or condiments.