6 oz Glass Cheese Shaker with Slotted Chrome-Plated Lid

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  • 6 oz Glass Cheese Shaker with Slotted Chrome-Plated Lid
  • 6 oz Glass Cheese Shaker with Slotted Chrome-Plated Lid


Introducing the ultimate multipurpose shaker! Not only can it effortlessly serve up grated parmesan cheese, but it's also perfect for red pepper flakes, oregano, and all your favorite coarse seasonings. Its 6 oz. size offers maximum convenience, allowing anyone to easily grasp it. And thanks to its slotted lid, both your staff and customers will have seamless control when dispensing their desired spices. What sets this shaker apart is its incredible value and reusability. Say goodbye to wasteful options - our shaker is both cost-effective and eco-friendly, making it a smart choice for your pizzeria, cafe, diner, or cafeteria. Plus, its sleek chrome-plated finish adds a touch of elegance to any tabletop, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your establishment's ambiance. But that's not all! The glass construction allows for crystal-clear visibility, enabling your staff to quickly identify when a refill is needed. No more guessing games or unnecessary downtime. And when it's time for a clean and refill, the screw-on lid makes the process a breeze, saving you precious time and effort. Upgrade your seasoning game with our versatile shaker - designed for those who appreciate both functionality and style. With its lightweight markdown language, it's easy to see why this shaker is a must-have for any culinary setting.

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