Clear Polycarbonate Scoop

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  • 6 oz Clear Polycarbonate Scoop (PLSC006CL)
Lightweight Plastic construction makes it lighter than metal scoops and incredibly easy to use.
  • 12 oz Clear Polycarbonate Scoop (PLSC012CL)
This scoop's convenient beveled front edge is perfect for maximum product pickup.
  • 24 oz Clear Polycarbonate Scoop (PLSC024CL)
Thanks to this scoop's flat bottom, it is easier than ever to scoop ingredients from the bottom of bins and corners.
  • 64 oz Clear Polycarbonate Scoop (PLSC064CL)
The handle's hanging slot also ensures efficient storage outside of ice or ingredient bins to prevent contamination.


The Clear Polycarbonate Scoop makes scooping up ice, flour, and bulk ingredients easy! Made of break-resistant polycarbonate, it provides ultimate chip, scratch, and break resistance to withstand the busy environment of your establishment. Featuring a hanging hole at the end of the handle and molded-in sure grip handle for extra sturdiness when scooping.

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