ENDURA Grease Interceptor

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  • ENDURA Grease Interceptor
  • ENDURA Grease Interceptor


The Endura Grease Trap functions as a reliable preventive measure against the infiltration of greasy substances into plumbing systems, septic fields, and wastewater treatment facilities. By incorporating a grease interceptor, your business will demonstrate adherence to the specific regulations imposed by local authorities, as it effectively prevents the entry of grease into systems where it lacks proper processing capability and poses potential harm to the environment.

Unlike other types of grease traps, Endura's grease traps are constructed using injection molded thermoplastic, offering a plethora of value-added features that contribute to exceptional value and performance for your commercial food service establishment. When it comes to durability and corrosion resistance, this material surpasses any competition within the industry. Moreover, its lightweight composition facilitates easier installation compared to traditional metal traps. The added advantage of its rust-free, leak-free, and non-leaching properties makes it an enduring, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance solution for efficient grease management in your business.


In a variety of commercial food service establishments, grease traps are commonly employed alongside cooking or prep sinks, pot sinks, and commercial dishwashers. This specific model incorporates a flow control device designed to be installed on the inlet side of the grease trap. The purpose of this device is twofold: to regulate the flow of incoming wastewater and to introduce air into the system. Both of these functions are essential for ensuring the optimal performance and efficiency of your grease trap. After the water passes through the flow control device, it is guided through our patented Endura baffle system.

The thermoplastic material used in this grease interceptor ensures a smooth surface, making it significantly easier to clean and minimizing lipid accumulation. Additionally, our plastic cover is designed for effortless removal, providing unobstructed access. The cover is equipped with an embedded, secure silicone seal to prevent any leakage, and an efficient EZ-Open latching system ensures its stability while allowing for quick release when necessary. Moreover, the baffles in this unit are also easily removable, facilitating proper cleaning and maintenance procedures.

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