High-Temperature Silicone Spoonula

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  • 10" High-Temperature Silicone Spoonula (PLSP010SHR)
Nylon handle and silicon blade are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 14" High-Temperature Silicone Spoonula (PLSP014SHR)
SoftSpoon™ has spoon-shaped blade for convenient scooping of food product
  • 16" High-Temperature Silicone Spoonula (PLSP016SHR)
Molded design forms sanitary seal to prevent food traps. Ideal for non-stick cookware and other baking applications


The High-Temperature Silicone Spoonula is great for all of your food prep and baking needs! Combining a silicone blade with a durable, nylon handle, this spoonula is created for daily, heavy-duty use. While its high temperature construction resists heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its structure when used with piping-hot pots and pans, its curved, stain-resistant blade is shaped like a spoon and easily flexes, enabling you to simply scoop out food or scrape the sides of mixing bowls without scratching them. Available in 3 lengths, order today!

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