Stainless Steel Liquor Pourers

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  • Tapered Liquor Pourer, Med Flow
  • Tapered Liquor Pourer With Flip Cap, Med Flow
  • Jet Liquor Pourer, Extra Fast Flow
  • Jet Liquor Pourer With Flip Cap, Fast Flow
  • Gooseneck Liquor Pourer, Fast Flow


Pour liquor, juices, and flavoring syrups with speed and accuracy using the Stainless Steel Liquor Pourers! Designed to fit standard 750mL liquor bottles and variety of style options, select the perfect pourer for your bar, oil/vinegar bottler and more. Made of stainless steel that'll withstand heavy-duty use day after day. Plus, it's specially designed to fit a multitude of bottles for exceptional versatility and can easily be removed when needed.

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