Wall-Mounted Mop Sink Faucet w/ Vacuum Breaker (NSF CERTIFIED)

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Upgrade your cleaning equipment with the NSF Certified Wall-Mounted Mop Sink Faucet w/ Vacuum Breaker. Perfect for a variety of settings including grocery stores, schools, office buildings, and restaurants, this faucet is designed specifically for janitorial and dishwashing use.
With 8" adjustable centers for installation, it's easy to set up in your facility. The integral pail hook keeps your mop buckets secure during fill-ups, reducing strain on your janitorial staff. The 3/4" garden hose thread extends your water supply for a range of cleaning tasks and easy bucket filling.
The built-in vacuum breaker ensures that your water supply remains uncontaminated when working with chemicals. Check valves on the underside of each handle make it simple to shut off water on one side of the faucet only.
The support rod provides a reliable hold, while the hot and cold lever-style handles are labeled and color coded for easy use. Upgrade to the Wall-Mounted Mop Sink Faucet w/ Vacuum Breaker today for efficient and reliable cleaning in your facility.

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